Conference at the center of Malmö and the Öresund region

Luftkastellet, next to the Oresund Bridge in Malmö, is one of Sweden’s most interesting conference facilities, with a view overlooking the bridge and the ocean. Our unique, bright and modern venue with its beautiful surroundings are ideal for conferences, congresses, kick-offs, trade fairs and exhibitions, seminars, presentations, events, and parties. A perfect choice for your conference in Malmö! We can accommodate up to 900 people in cinema seating, but we also have smaller conference rooms for 40-50 people.

Not just a conference facility

Turn your conference into something extra with us, and boost creativity, impact and enjoyment. Based on your wishes and requests, we will produce a conference package suited to the purpose and goals of your conference. Our experienced conference hosts can provide advice for a successful and well executed event – both large and small.

We have the whole of Sweden and the Oresund region as our market and organize everything from shorter conference meetings to full-day conferences and conferences extending over several days – with evening festivities as well of course. We will help you put together your event and have extensive experience of arranging conferences, kick-offs, anniversaries and customer events, to name a few. Since we can accommodate up to 900 seated guests, we can also accommodate larger companies.

In addition to our large grand hall, we have several smaller conference rooms which can be used separately or combined with each other to create a perfect space for your conference.

Food: an important part of a successful event

Our exceptional and renowned head chef prepares together with his kitchen staff all the food in our professional kitchen. We use only the finest ingredients and make all our food from scratch – at a very favourable price. The bread is of course also always freshly baked!

We can also assist with technology, transport and accommodation, as well as organize activities and entertainment. Anything you may need!

To think about before the conference

We help you as a conference booker and will be your partner before, during and after the conference, which we consider an important key for a successful conference. Remember to have a clear purpose and goal with the conference in advance. We can then use this as a platform for choosing the layout, activities and other arrangements. It is also important that the budget has been set so that we can provide you with the best proposals possible, and maximize the impact and effect of your conference.

It is also a good idea to send out information regarding the aim of the conference to the participants well in time so that they can prepare. This also makes it easier for participants to evaluate the conference afterwards. We also suggest to include several smaller breaks in your agenda, as it often enables the participants to absorb more information. Maybe the social aspect is an important element that you want to focus on during a section of the day? In that case, we can help you find suitable activities.

The food is incredibly important for the overall experience. We serve only the best ingredients in beautiful arrangements that inspire – and taste delicious! During the day the focus is breakfast, lunch and snacks that provide energy for the participants. For dinner we create a fantastic dining experience with several courses paired with wine and other carefully selected beverages. We will create a menu proposal we believe would suit your event well, and we are of course happy to incorporate any ideas you might have. Make sure to request information about allergies and food preferences from the participants well in time before the event, in order for the kitchen to prepare variations of the set menu to suit everyone at your event.

It’s important that the participants can easily reach our venue, and we are happy to assist you with arranging a bus or taxi to pick up and return the participants.

And of course – don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or requests. We are here to create experiences to remember!

The conference starts with a meeting

Contact us for an unconditional meeting where we can review your wishes and tell you more about how we can create an inspiring and stimulating conference day for your organization.